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DETRIOT/MICHIGAN! I'll be back on the 17th Jan for a Charity Show in PONTIAC. details here:

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I just voted for iYiYi - @TheCodySimpson on JoJo's 9@9 in KIISFM. Vote for your favorite song! VOTee NOw!!

Posted Jan 06, 2011

Scars On 45 tour diary 4

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Scars On 45 Cause Havoc

Watch the latest tour diary from these cheeky Brits

Laura Izibor Thumbnail

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Laura Performs in the 100th Episode of Fox's 'Bones'

Laura Izibor performs in the 100th episode of Fox's hit TV Show "Bones"! Laura's character in the episode is also the episode's victim! So make sure you tune in to watch next Thursday, April 8th at 8/7c only on FOX!