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ERTEGUN and ABRAMSON meet engineer TOM DOWD at New York’s Apex Studio. Impressed by the gifted young technician’s prowess, they hire him to serve as Atlantic’s in-house engineer.

THE CLOVERS release their third Nugetre-penned #1, “Ting-A-Ling,” in July. It charts for 17 weeks before going to the top, where it stays for 14 weeks.

RAY CHARLES signs to Atlantic and releases “The Midnight Hour” in September.

RUTH BROWN spends seven weeks at #1 with the RUDY TOOMBS penned “5-10-15 Hours.”

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"Mick Jagger Quoting Ahmet Ertegun: It's gonna be a great record, Mick. We're gonna put all our resources behind the record. But listen, Mick, the promotion - forget the promotion ... We'll just have a big fuckin' party and promote the shit out of the party, and that'll sell a million."