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JERRY WEXLER, former Billboard magazine staffer, joins Atlantic as a partner.

RAY CHARLES gets his first national hit with the Nugetre-penned “Mess Around.”

RUTH BROWN’s “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean” is released in February and goes to #1 R&B three weeks later. The single – which features RAY CHARLES leading the backing band – stays at the top for five weeks and becomes BROWN’s most enduring hit. On the B-side of her next single, BROWN makes history by duetting with herself in the first session where Atlantic employs the new recording technique called ‘overdubbing,’ where vocal and instrumental tracks are recorded separately and mixed together later.

BIG JOE TURNER’s “Honey Hush” reaches #1 after 12 weeks and stays there for eight more.

THE DRIFTERS enjoy their first hit with “Money Honey,” featuring CLYDE McPHATTER. It stays on the Billboard R&B chart for 21 weeks, 11 at #1.

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