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30th Anniversary of The J. Geils Band's #1 Album "Freeze Frame"

30th Anniversary of The J. Geils Band's #1 Album
Hailing from Boston, The J Geils Band went from regionally successful club act to one of the most popular live bands of the '70s. After 14 years on the road and 11 albums the # 1 Billboard single "Centerfold" gave the band its just reward, a HIT album. Peter Wolf reminisces to In the Studio host Redbeard about what fueled The J Geils Band for all those years and how it felt to finally be on top:

"One of the things about the Geils Band, we really weren't that ambitious about having a zillion seller or something. We never really went into rock'n'roll to make money, we went into rock'n'roll so maybe we didn't have to work 9 to 5. It was probably the happiest time in my life, because we were doing tours where every place was sold out and thatʼs a performers dream... All the touring, all the one nighters and all the driving in station wagons and sleeping in funky hotels and funky dressing rooms, finally, there was a certain sense of respect coming back to the band."

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