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A Pretty Good Fall Playlist

A Pretty Good Fall Playlist

Here we go again. Temperatures, leaves and blood-to-vitamin D ratios dangerously drop. The year enters middle age, anthropomorphically speaking. Death is coming. It's the fall!

That means two things:

1. I will wear a sportscoat every single day until June 20, 2012 at 7:09 P.M. EDT.
2. A fall music playist.

"The Only Living Boy in New York" by Simon & Garfunkel
The B-Side to "Cecilia", Simon wrote it because he missed Garfunkel (who was shooting "Catch-22" at the time). The harmonies. Unreal. Paul also makes a nice case against reading the news. Perfect.

"With My Face On The Floor" by Emitt Rhodes
A lost gem of a song (and artist). Emitt Rhodes wrote/produced/recorded all of his songs and performed all of the instruments on his albums. Alone. He quit the business because his record company wanted product every six months for three years. Impossible given his process and perfectionism. His label sued him for $250,000 and withheld royalties. Great song though.

"My Old Ways" by Dr. Dog
"I don’t ever want to go back
To the old days
Leaving the dead underground."

One of the great American pop bands.

"Junk" by Paul McCartney
This little ditty was meant to live on The Beatles' 1968 eponymous double LP and then Abbey Road before it landed on McCartney's "McCartney" late in 1970. Consider it a Beatles song you have never heard.

"Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)" by Laura Marling
Not exactly a fall song but after @supergalaxy and I saw Laura at Webster Hall on September 27, 2011, I couldn't get it out of my head.

"Bonny" by Prefab Sprout
There's a Brooklyn band out right now called Ice Choir that does the same thing - maybe better. Check them out too.

"Dead Finks Don't Talk" by Brian Eno
This song is f@$%!^& weird. Eno is a genius. Just. Listen.

"Silver Street" by Ben Folds
Every fall, the Ben Folds Live album resurfaces.

"So the seasons change
And the storefronts change
While everything else stays the same."

It's true.

"Endless Sleep" by Nick Lowe
Lowe's performance is outdone only by Lowe's production.

"Rhapsody In Blue" by Woody Allen - I mean George Gershiwn
Fall has its way with this song every year. It's a good thing she doesn't put up too much of a fight. Just watch below.

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