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Brookyln, Art, Tattoos & More with Phreshy Duzit

My name is Amanda Retotar, and I’m a photography intern in the wonderful Creative department at Atlantic Records. Last week I had the opportunity to shoot Phreshy Duzit, and up and coming hip hop artist who is based in Detroit and Brooklyn. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Phreshy Duzit and his team turned out to be fantastic, fun, and fascinating people. Throughout the shoot Phreshy Duzit and I found common ground talking about life in Brooklyn, art, tattoos, and other interests we shared. Thanks to everyone involved, I was able to shoot some wonderful images that will hopefully be used for press, promotion, websites, and more!

Photo Credit/Post by Amanda Retotar

Brookyln, Art, Tattoos & More with Phreshy Duzit

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