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Atlantic Timeline - 1957

Atlantic Timeline is an ongoing column where we highlight some of the most exciting moments from Atlantic Records artists' musical legacy. This installment covers 1957, a year when rock n' roll was just starting to make waves—and Atlantic was at the forefront of this musical movement.

CLYDE McPHATTER enjoys another #1 R&B hit with “Long Lonely Nights.” In September, he is among the line-up on the all-star package tour, ‘The Biggest Show of Stars For 1957,’ alongside his former group, THE DRIFTERS, as well as CHUCK BERRY, PAUL ANKA, and THE EVERLY BROTHERS. McPHATTER also makes a cameo appearance in Alan Freed’s rockumentary film, Mister Rock and Roll.

THE COASTERS’ “Searchin” spends 26 weeks on the Pop chart, peaking at #3 while also reaching #1 at R&B.

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Your great history goes back even further than to 1957.How about Joe Turner's great recordings with 'Shake rattle...

Posted Oct 09, 2012

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