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Cody Simpson's European/UK Tour!

Cody Simpson's European/UK Tour!Cody is now bringing a little bit of Paradise into Europe and the UK! Making his way through Europe for his first headline shows he’ll be stopping in Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Manchester, and more. To purchase your tickets click HERE and head to Cody’s tour section for more upcoming tour dates!

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Cody Movie

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Escape From Planet Earth Featurette with Cody!

Watch the exclusive Apple featurette for the movie “Escape From Planet Earth” in theaters in just 2 days! Cody gives his review of the movie and his favorite character and talks about his song Shine Supernova with behind the scenes clips of him recording the new song. Click HERE to watch the featurette for Cody’s feature at 18:09!

Cody's 2013 Paradise Tour!

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Cody's 2013 Paradise Tour

Cody's 2013 tour dates were officially announced! Start making plans now and head to to purchase your tickets and find out when he's in a city near you!