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Currently Listening To... We cornered our friend at Fueled By Ramen, National Marketing Director Erick Charles, and forced him to tell us what he's mostly been listening to recently...

I'm definitely a punk kid at heart and I have a tendency to go back and listen to the same albums over and over, but recently there's been some really cool rock records that have come out or are on the way. Here's five that I'm excited about.

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
This might be the first full Foo album that has blown me away from beginning to end since maybe their very first one. I've always liked songs on every album and I think they've always been an amazing band, but this new record is incredible.

The Swellers - Good For Me (New Upcoming Album)
New album by Fueled By Ramen band The Swellers coming June 14th. I know I work for Fueled By Ramen, but these guys would be the first to tell you that they know I'd be a fan regardless. Great melodic punk band. And this new album shows growth while still staying true to what they do best.

Rise Against - End Game
This new record made the list because of just three or four tracks that I think may be their strongest songs to date. The full album isn't their best, but if you're a fan of Rise Against, you should listen to the tracks called "A Gentlemen's Coup" and "This Is Letting Go" before making your final review.

Sharks - Show of Hands EP
So this came out last year but whatever, it's the newest thing they have. I'm going to see this band soon at the Bell House with Chuck Ragan. They're from the UK. This is is one of those perfect EPs. Once you start the first song, you just end up listening to the whole thing. To me, they're like a modern day Clash. And to me, that's cool.

Face To Face - Laugh Now... Laugh Later
I haven't heard more than two songs off this upcoming album by Face To Face, but they haven't released anything in a long time so I'm putting this on the list in good faith. Anytime a band that I liked when I was 15 releases something new, it will make one of my "lists" out of principal.

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