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Day 26 Conducts PSA on Preventing Bullying and Abuse

Day 26 Conducts PSA on Preventing Bullying and Abuse

"...[as] a victim of bullying when I was young, I take this public service announcement very seriously and hope it can help teens that are suffering from this type of senseless abuse.”

Join Day 26 in adopting “The Oath Project” in support of Saving Our Daughters, a non-profit group dedicated to ending the bullying and abuse levied at teenage girls nationwide.

Day 26 will announce participation in the “The Oath Project” on Facebook and selected television markets starting in September. 50,000 teens and 100,000 adults will take 8 immediate action steps towards preventing abuse in their lives and around the world.

For more information about Saving Our Daughters, visit their website. For more information about Day 26 and "The Oath Project", visit the band's Myspace page.

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