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Intern Corner - Hamilton Park's Blogger Showcase

Hamilton Park is an R&B quartet made up of Royce P, Anthony, Mr. Marcus Lee and Chris Voice, four vocalists that hail from Atlanta. Hamilton Park was discovered by the great Mr. Andre Harrell and is the first group to sign to Harrell Records. Mr. Harrell, who is responsible for discovering the likes of some R&B and hip-hop legends such as Diddy, Mary J. Blige and Jodeci, has extreme confidence that Hamilton Park can successfully revive the idea of a talented and successful R&B group. Since being signed, Hamilton Park has been extremely busy having released their self-title EP earlier this month and touring across the country on the Scream Tour. Despite their busy schedules, the guys had time to spend a day in New York for an evening press meet and greet, here at the Atlantic offices that I had the pleasure in not only helping organize, but attending.

Although there were a few obstacles along way in the preparations of the meet and greet, including a balloon fiasco, the night turned out to be really successful and an amazing opportunity for Hamilton Park to show what they are about in an intimate setting. Bloggers and writers began to fill the red-and-black embellished 27th floor lobby around 8pm, patiently awaiting the arrival of the group. As I was getting some last minute things sorted out, I could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room. Mr. Harrell, who introduced Hamilton Park, expressed his excitement and anticipation he has for the guys and the great things he knows they can accomplish. HP returned a welcoming applause with humble gratification to everyone that had come to hear them sing a few songs and learn more about them as a musical group. Right off the bat, the guys showed that they have extremely inviting and likeable personalities. Each one of them introduced themselves to the room and dove right into a shortened acapella performance of their debut single “Thing Called Us” (which was recently graced by a guest feature from ATL’s own rapper/producer-extraordinaire Jermaine Dupri). This was followed by a second acapella performances of “Grindin’.”

Standing maybe 5 feet away from HP, I got to hear their amazing vocals live, without the aid of background music. Each of the four have a unique vocal sound, but the way their distinct voices harmonize and blend so perfectly, really blew me away. Before starting one-on-one interviews, the guys gave a little history on who they were and where they came from. They spoke about how they come from church backgrounds and the importance that God and religion has on them as a group. They touched on how excited they were for what was to come in their future and how they were grateful and appreciative for what they had accomplished thus far. HP wanted to also make sure everyone knew they were gentlemen and wanted to make sure that their “Hamilton Park Sweethearts” knew that chivalry was not dead! During their third and last a cappella performance, they serenaded a lucky female intern with their rendition of the Jodeci classic, “My Heart Belongs To You.”

There is an obvious chemistry that is present between these four not only in their vocals, but also in the way they interact with each other. There were moments during the night where they would finish each other’s thoughts and sentences, which I feel gives them a huge advantage when it comes to becoming a successful and thriving musical group. One thing I enjoyed the most about Hamilton Park was that they are super down to earth and personable. After the event was over, they took some time to take a few pictures with fans and interns that were in attendance. Myself and a few other Publicity interns even got a chance to speak with Royce P. and congratulate him on the release of their self-titled EP and get some feedback on how the Scream Tour was going. During our conversation with Royce P., I got the feeling that he was someone who was very humble, despite recent success and fame, and someone who was extremely excited for what was to come. In an industry and time where new and upcoming artists are so disposable and not as likely to really “make it,” I feel as though Hamilton Park has what it takes to truly be something great. We have yet to see everything these guys have to offer but in the meantime you can enjoy their EP at

Intern Corner - Hamilton Park's Blogger Showcase

 Photo Credit: KellyAnn Petry  

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