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InTheStudio Celebrates Stevie Nicks's Solo Debut

“Being that they were solo records, that means, yes, of course they are more personal, of course I’m giving a whole lot more of myself, of course maybe they may be, as my mother says to me, ‘too honest for the world ‘ sometimes. I have to really feel that the song itself is important, ‘cause I feel that, long after the singer is gone and the songwriter is gone , the song will remain.”

InTheStudio is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Stevie Nicks's solo debut Bella Donna with an intimate conversation between Nicks and series host Redbeard! InTheStudio is nationally syndicated accross over 50 North American radio stations, so to find the program on your local affiliate or to stream it online, please visit InTheStudio's site.

InTheStudio Celebrates Stevie Nicks's Solo Debut

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