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Listen to Uncle Kracker's New Single "My Hometown"

Hey everybody,

Uncle Kracker here. Just thought I’d say hello and let you know what’s happening. I’ve been on the road all year playing some pretty sweet shows and now it’s time to put out some new tunes.

So here you have it, "My Hometown" (get it on iTunes or at my store), the first single off my upcoming album. Take a listen above.

I feel a strong connection to my hometown, hell, I grew up there and never left. I’m proud of where I come from—town, state and country. But I spend a lot of time on the road and I can see that we’re all pretty much the same.

We have different accents, different industries, different weather maybe but we’re all just trying to live our lives, pay our bills, give our kids a better life and have some good times. I hope you like it....

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