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Metronomy - Pier54 Show Recap

English Rivera on the Hudson

Metronomy - Pier54 Show Recap

The electronic-rock group Metronomy started in 1999 by Joseph Mount, with his interest in electronic music production.  A year later the band started to gain buzz with the release of Pip Paine (Pay the £5000 You Owe), and within two years the band was on tour across Europe with known acts such as Kate Nash and Justice.  The band has produced remixes of the Gorillaz, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lykke Li.  One might ask how the band has accomplished this much, and been nominated for the 2011 Barclaycard Mercury Prize 'Album of the Year’ but still be unknown to most readers?  Reason is, the four members of this band are British stars with catchy singles such as “Radio Ladio” or “A Thing For Me” off their second album Nights Out showcased all over the radio abroad.  For a modern world with music accessible via streams across the web, I find it interesting that international music can take some time to reach popularity in the U.S.  With a proud position of #17 on the UK Album charts, just last month Metronomy was introduced to New York City for the first time. The band’s show on July 28th at Pier 54 was a chance to prove their new album The English Riviera (Big Beat) is worth listening to.  


“The Bay” From English Rivera:

I was excited when I first heard Metronomy would stop by the Atlantic Office, as I knew I would have a chance to see them live the next day.   Their new album has only been out for a day in the United States and I was already obsessed with their song and music video for, “The Bay.” My expectations for live music are questionable because an album can sound better and more polished than a live performance based on computerized production.  With that said, Thursday night Metronomy had all of Chelsea dancing as the band performed songs off Nights Out and The English Riviera on the Hudson River.  Over 400 people checked in on Four Square! Once their set began everyone in the crowd began dancing.  The band’s music is electronic influenced, though they perform as a full band with bass, guitar, keyboard and drums.  Interestingly, the audience sang all the words, new songs and old songs. Even new listeners were entertained with a unique light show using synchronized lamps attached to the band’s clothing that went along with their music.  


Metronomy’s sycronized light show in New York:


The concert was free, with two supporting bands, though the atmosphere felt like a huge music festival.  The band performed an amazing set and encore.  I had a chance to meet the band after the set. They all were so fashionable, cool hair styles and British clothing. They inquired about our experiences in New York City. I felt like I was in the twilight zone being backstage with such amazing artists that have mixed with so many legends, and I was witnessing them become one, themselves. 

“Some Written” and “Radio Ladio” LIVE at Pier 54:

With the amazing turn out in New York I was confident Metronomy would experience the same success in Los Angeles, as well as with the rest of their American tour.  Metronomy can break the gap between international music markets. Hopefully they can pave way for more great acts to come to America since music knows no language or cultural barriers.


Metronomy preparing to go onstage:


Metronomy Celebrating after the great show:


--Bianca Bianchi

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