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My Karaoke Killers If karaoke were an Olympic sport, Atlantic Records Product Manager, Katie Brown would be a gold medalist. In this week’s installment of Staff Picks, Katie shares her five favorite songs that will never let you down when it comes to slaying karaoke.

5. Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places"
This song is always a crowd pleaser and a great way to kick off a karaoke outing! The whole bar will be roaring once you hit the epic chorus...
"Cause I've got friends in low places
Where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases
My blues away
And I'll be okay
I'm not big on social graces
Think I'll slip on down TO THE OOOOOOASIS!
Oh, I've got friends in low places"

4. Salt N Pepa "Shoop"
It’s often a toss up between this one and “Push It” and sometimes it depends on what kind of a catalog the karaoke establishment has… but “Shoop” generally wins out. This is one of those songs that will forever be burned into my memory (much like the rap in TLC’s “Waterfalls). This also never fails to make me nostalgic for the 4th grade when my friend Lindsay made me a tape of Very Necessary and I’d secretly listen to it on my double tape deck boombox in the basement at my parents’ house.

3. Sum 41 “Fat Lip”
“Doctor said my mom should’ve had an abortion… bortion… bortion… bortion!”
One of my secret karaoke weapons… everyone remembers this song from Carson Daly’s TRL countdowns but it has laid dormant in their brains for nearly 10 years now.

2. Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty  “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”
Best duet….ever! Gentlemen, start learning your part and you could be the next Conway to my Loretta!

1. Paramore  “Misery Business”
If someone ever asked me to strike this song from my karaoke repertoire, I would simple tell them “I refuse. I refuse. I REFUSE!”

So, there you have it... let me know what some of your favorite tunes are for karaoke!

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youre packed and youre stacked, specially in the back - brotha wanna thank yo mother for a butt like that!!!

Posted Feb 24, 2011

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