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My Top Five Live Shows

My Top Five Live Shows As an A&R Assistant at Atlantic Records, Rhea Pasricha's job often entails attending multiple shows every week. In this week's Staff Picks, Rhea compiles the top five shows she's ever attended so far.

5. Elton John, Madison Square Garden 1995

Elton John at MSG was my first concert ever, at the tender age of 8 years old. I mostly just remember crying so hard because it was too loud (how un-rock n' roll of me) and didn’t stop until halfway through when he played “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from the Lion King. The second half of the concert is a much better memory (for me, and my poor parents) and definitely lit the spark for my love of music.

4. Prince, Madison Square Garden 2011
If you ask me to name my top three favorite artists of all time, it would be (in order): Michael Jackson, Queen, and Prince. Getting to see Prince live for the first time EVER this year was everything I expected and more. He played all the hits (minus “When Doves Cry” - wtf!), looked fierce, and sounded in-cred-ible!

3. Backstreet Boys, The Palace Of Auburn Hills 1999
Not gonna lie, I was a huge BSB fan (screw you, N*stink) and seeing them on the Millennium tour (1 of 3 tours I saw them on) brought out the teenage fanatic in me. I dragged my poor Mom to camp outside Harmony House with me at 4am the morning tickets went on sale, cried when I was moved to the back of the line after the store decided to shuffle the line based on a lottery system, cried some more when the show sold out, almost fainted when they added an extra date and I got tickets, spent months making a glow-in-the-dark banner, and... you get the drift.

2. Jay-Z and Eminem, Yankee Stadium 2010
My favorite rapper of all time is Eminem (yes, I can pretty much rap every single word to almost all of his songs) and Jay-Z is a living legend. Add Kanye, Beyonce, D12, Dr. Dre, Nicki Minaj, Chris Martin, 50 Cent, B.o.B, Swizz Beats, and Drake to the mix in a sold-out stadium of almost 50K fans and that makes one helluva concert!

1. Michael Jackson, Singapore National Stadium 1996
Michael Jackson. HIStory tour. Moonwalking. Me and 35,000 other fans crying and hyperventilating pretty much the whole time. I remember every second like it was yesterday. That show and his music are literally the reason that I’m working in music today.

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i'm almost as famous as rebecca black...check it:

Posted Apr 01, 2011


i'm almost as famous as rebecca black...

Posted Apr 01, 2011

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