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On Location with Laura Izibor

Today I assisted on an "on location" photography shoot for Laura Izibor. Laura is one of the artists on Atlantic, hailing from Dublin, who has a personality as large and powerful as her voice. We arrived at an apartment building, which from the outside and the hallways seemed pretty ordinary. After climbing up the three story walk-up, we found the location for the shoot: a somewhat preserved, yet still decrepit attic. There were accents of vintage radios, ladders, suitcases, flags, and dried roses. The walls were cracked, however the robin's egg blue still was a prominent feature of the space. It is one of the most interesting places that I have been to in my past three years while living in NYC. The space contributed to the intimate photo shoot which consisted only of the artist, a photographer, a make-up artist, a hair stylist and two assistants. It was my first photo shoot for a recording artist and it was such a learning experience. From the importance of make-up, hair and outfit, to lighting the scene, I learned that every detail is important. In between each look, we would sit around while Laura got her make-up and hair re-done. It was as if we were sitting around like best friends just chatting. Laura is so down to earth and terribly funny- she also does wonderful impressions of people and does a mean southern accent. It was a long day, but with the help of a few coffee runs, it was overall a wonderful experience. Besides learning a lot about photography, it was a great experience hanging out with awesome talent.

-Lianna Del Pizzo, Photo Intern

On Location with Laura Izibor
Photo Credit: Andrew Zaeh

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