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Our Mobile Artist Websites Mentioned in Billboard Magazine, on and

Over the last few months the mobile websites we’ve been building at Atlantic Records have gotten some positive attention, and I wanted to share a few nice pieces of press.

The mobile website for Trey Songz was mentioned in a Billboard article last August about artists connecting directly with their fans. It specifically mentions the events functionality that allows fans to tweet about and checkin to shows from within the mobile site.

The Trey Songz site was also featured on the homepage of Mobile Awesomeness along with mobile sites from Rdio, Aol, Bing, and Hertz – not bad company to be in.

Check out the Trey Songz page on Mobile Awesomeness.

And finally, the 3OH!3, Paramore and Shinedown mobile websites are featured on the Adobe mobile website. All three sites can be found in the entertainment section of

See 3OH!3, Paramore and Shinedown featured on the Adobe mobile website.

--Eric S.

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