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Plan B Stops By The NY Office

If you haven't already heard of Plan B, get ready to become acquainted. Plan B (whose real name is Ben Drew), has been breaking ground in the UK since the 2006 release of his hip hop album, "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words." The obscenely worded and anger fueled lyrics landed him some "bad boy" acting roles. His 2010 album, "The Defamation of Strickland Banks," uniquely combined his musical chops and his acting experience to create an album which tells a story through his alternate persona, Strickland Banks. While Plan B demonstrated his rapping skills on his first album, his Motown soul is highlighted through Banks on his second. The release of his second album has propelled him into a triple-platinum selling artist whose success is sweeping this way across the pond.

Today was one of those days at the office where being an intern at Atlantic Records was just a little bit sweeter than it always is. Plan B, who is performing tonight at The Bowery Ballroom, stopped into the office for an on-camera interview. If being asked to steam his clothes for the interview doesn't sound that exciting, it sure does when I tell you that I got to steam them while hanging out and joking around with him and his friends. I got to take part in transitioning him from Plan B, a jeans-and-hoodie-wearing tough rapper from Forest Gate, to Strickland Banks, the sensitive suit-wearing crooner. Not too shabby for the life on an intern, huh?

Plan B will be performing next at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA on 1/13/2011

-Amber Crisci

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