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PLEASURE P: Stage Presence: Pleasure P Reviews R. Kelly

Below Pleasure dissects Kellz' concert performance in his own words with, check it out...

"A lot of R&B guys, they disrespectful when it comes to R. Kelly, but I can't take nothing from him because he wrote so many hits, man. He got so many hits. For crying out loud, he wrote "I Believe I Can Fly." He wrote Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone." And his show is good from top to bottom."

"Every night, for some reason, a girl would throw her panties onstage at him. When they do, he'd go behind this curtain and change, and take off his [underwear] and throw it back at her. It's kind of funny. The ladies are always going crazy; they're always making noise. And [while] everybody is just having a good time, they're all reminiscing on those points in their life with those hits."

Read what else Pleasure P had to say about Kellz & the "Ladies Make Some Noise" Tour over at now!

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