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Come and Meet PLIES in Denver and LA!

Come and meet your #1 Certified Goon PLIES at Independent Records in Denver and at FYE in LA! Check out the event details below! Plies' new album GOON AFFILIATED is in stores and online now!

6/14 Independent Records & Video 6 to 7:30
937 E Colfax Avenue
Denver CO 80218
303 863-8668
Call store for details"

6/15 FYE 5:30 to 7PM
Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza
365 W Martin Luther King Blvd
Ste 122
Los Angeles CA 90008
310 295-9854

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ME and my cuzzin Bre are a big fan and i was just wondering if u can get u a record deal...

Posted Jun 28, 2011

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