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Portugal. The Party

Portugal. The Party

This past Wednesday night, Portugal. The Man played an acoustic set for an overflowing, at capacity crowd at the Lomography store in downtown NYC. They started off the set with an energetic rendition of “So American” off their new album, In the Mountain In the Cloud that really kicked the night off to a great start. As PTM navigated through the set, the crowd couldn’t help swaying and chanting along with the words, “We got it all, got it all, got it all, till the revolution comes;” lyrics from the song “Got It All” that find themselves very much welcomed to many, only a short subway ride away from “Occupy Wall Street.”

The band’s brand of melody-driven rock fills a void left on the airwaves, setting up Portugal. The Man for years of rock prominence. As a huge fan of their album, The Satanic Satanist it was a pleasant treat to hear their older tunes sounding totally polished in a stripped down acoustic form. Portugal. The Man is a killer group that everyone under the sun must get a chance listen to.

If you weren’t able to catch the set live check it out here.

-Josh S

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