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Rolling with Wiz at a NYC Blogger Event

Before his fame and title of “Mr. Black and Yellow,” Cameron Jibril Thomaz, better known as Wiz Khalifa, was a rapper from Pittsburgh just following a passion. As his DJ and blogger relationships strengthened, his fan base subsequently grew. This, in turn, allowed his once simple passion to turn into a career that has now come to fruition. On March 28, the night before the debut of his highly anticipated album “Rolling Papers,” Wiz Khalifa and Atlantic Records took the time to show appreciation to a group of people who helped contribute to Wiz’s success. Hosted at the ultra-contemporary Marcel at Gramercy Hotel in Manhattan, guests included New York’s most notable DJ’s, well-known bloggers, and tastemakers. While enjoying hors d’oeuvres and Wiz themed drinks, guests had the unique opportunity of lounging with and interviewing Khalifa one-on-one at the private event.

Although not obvious to the guests in attendance, the road travelled in order to execute the event smoothly could be described as unpredictable and chaotic. In preparation for the event, a number of tasks had to be completed within a short time frame. Life-sized posters of Wiz had to be delivered to the venue. Numerous gift bags had to be boxed and transported. Hundreds of individual Starburst candies had to be unraveled out of their package by hand and put out on display. Tri-pods and photos of the album cover had to be transported and assembled. An iPod filled with Wiz’s music had to be formatted and configured. Cups for the bar had to be purchased. Signs for the bar had to be created. Guest lists had to be distributed and a multi-piece Step and Repeat (with no directions) had to be erected. To make things even more complicated, all of these tasks had to be completed within the matter of approximately an hour! Time quickly dwindled down, and as one could imagine, the environment was tense as Atlantic staff and outside workers scrambled to finish before guests began to arrive. However, with the diligent guidance of my supervisor, Jason Davis, the venue was in pristine condition before the start of the event.

In the end, the night as a whole went off without a hitch. Laughs and vivacious conversation increasingly filled the room as the night progressed. Summed up in one swift phrase; it was a job well done. The venue looked great, buzz about Wiz’s new album was positive, and guests truly enjoyed themselves. Once again, I found myself able to partake in another success by Atlantic Records. More important than the successes we have shared however, are the lessons I have learned through my struggles and mistakes during my time at the label. As an intern, I quickly came to the realization that every day at Atlantic Records is unpredictable. In this fast-paced, constantly evolving industry, one must always be prepared to address an unexpected situation or obstacle. I have learned that regardless of the task or situation, with teamwork, creativity, and ingenuity, ANYTHING can be accomplished. When all is said and done, it’s easy to take for granted the detailed planning and execution it takes to pull-off an event even if it is on a smaller scale. However, it has been opportunities such as this that have allowed me to walk away with a greater appreciation for the effort that is funneled into making the artists and the events they host a success.

-Gabe, Publicity Intern

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