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Scars on 45 - A Rainy Day Serenade

We arrived at the office on this dreary Tuesday and settled into our usual routine. As publicity interns for Atlantic Records, our days are often spent scanning news clips, mastering Photoshop, and preparing press kits. We began our day perusing the newspapers and gossip magazines for the most recent music news. We scanned some clips into the shared database and mocked-up some of the latest artist news. We thought the highlight of our day was going to be searching for the latest on Cody Simpson until our boss, Ross, told us that our daily routine would be pleasantly interrupted by an in-lobby performance from the British band, Scars on 45. On our way to the lobby the familiar faces of our co-workers greeted us as we congregated, anxiously waiting for the concert to begin.

When the band took the stage, it was clear that they felt at home between the relaxed atmosphere in the lobby and the gloomy England-like weather outside. The unique vocals of lead singer, Danny Bemrose, filled the twenty-seventh floor, while Aimee Driver’s vocals added a dynamic that is often missing from all-male alternative bands.

“Heart on Fire” stood out in their four-song set list with earnest lyrics contrasted by an airy keyboard driven melody. You could tell just by the expressions not only on Danny’s face, but also on the other members’ faces that the lyrics resonated personally within all of them. There is vulnerability in the lyrics that that is relatable for listeners who have ever felt a sense of loneliness and abandonment while searching for someone to revive them.

In an industry that’s often regarded as superficial, it was refreshing to see such a genuinely sincere group of musicians. Their appreciative nature and down-to-earth attitude will undoubtedly aid them in the longevity of their musical career and growing fan base. This surprise performance was a reminder of the rare opportunity we have as interns at Atlantic Records. What other office lobby could be transformed into a concert venue? On a daily basis we mock-up and scan artist news but this internship allows us to witness first hand news in the making.

-Rebecca F. and Catherine H., Publicity Interns

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