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Summer Anthems

Summer Anthems Digital Marketing team player Thanh Nguyen shares the songs that make up the soundtrack to his sunny days...

Summertime in New York is a beautiful thing. Living in the city, you become married to your iPod and having a music collection that fits with the quintessential NYC moments are key. Here are my choice picks for those record high days:

Naughty By Nature 'Feel Me Flow'
Circa 1994. This track just screams a hot day and some pool action. Although the group is considered Jersey’s finest, the vibe can definitely be applied to the five boroughs.

The Naked and Famous 'Young Blood'
Pure energy and awesomeness. This song can repeat with the one “Yeah yeah yeah yeah” line and it’ll still work.

Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side'
Maybe it’s the honest and aggressive lyrics, or the fact that A Tribe Called Quest sampled it on “Can I Kick It”, either way, this song reminds me of those sticky humid days all the while dodging the building sweat.

Surfer Blood 'Take It Easy'
Surf – indie pop goodness. Beach bum vibes in a concrete jungle always works.

Notorious B.I.G 'Juicy'
To think, ’94 was a great year for hip-hop summer tunes. I can still remember watching this video in the 4th grade, dudes doing pull-ups at stop lights. What’s more summer than that? It’s still good, and if you don’t know, now you know.

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