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The Road To SXSW: Grouplove

The Road To SXSW: GrouploveDespite spending much of their time on the road, Grouplove are another act who will be making their South By Southwest debut this year — and they couldn’t be more thrilled to get to Austin, Texas. This group of friends who conceptualized Grouplove on a remote mountain village in Greece, are currently one of Los Angeles’ most promising up-and-coming acts and last year’s well-received EP Grouplove continues to wow fans and critics alike. We caught up with guitarist Sean Gadd to learn about what SXSW attendees can expect from them and also discovered why they feel such a strong connection to Texas.

Has Grouplove played South By Southwest before?
We've never played before. I know [singer/guitarist] Christian [Zucconi] went down there one year with an old band of his and they played a few really small shows but I've always wanted to play SXSW. My old band tried to do it but it never ended up happening so this is a dream come true for all of us.

Are you excited to be performing this year?
Oh, super excited. We've had such good things this year and then finding out we're playing SXSW was kind of the icing on the cake, you know? As soon as we come back from Europe we're going to America and that's definitely a big thing to do. It's brilliant and we're so glad it worked out. The more shows we play, the better; I think one day [at SXSW] we do four or five shows in one day.

Do you enjoy playing multiple sets in a day?
We love it. We thrive on the more shows the better but Christian is the primary singer and he gives 110% during each performance so we can get a bit worried about how his voice is going to keep up but he'll get through it, he's a warrior. I don't know how he does it screaming the way he does and he can do it five shows in a row, it's impressive.

Is it fun for you to be around a lot of bands who all sound so different from each other at festivals like SXSW?
Oh, definitely. We'd be a very uninspired band if all we listened to were our contemporaries and other bands we got put on a lineup with on regular shows. We all listen to so much different music so I like the fact that there are so many different types of bands [at the festival]; that's way more fun than a regular show where you're seeing all bands with a similar type of sound.

Have you been to Texas before?
We haven’t performed there but we played in Dallas and Houston when we were on tour with Two Door Cinema Club and it was fantastic. Being from England it was very eye-opening experience and people were great. I love the South, I can't wait to be back there.

What’s your favorite part about being in the South?
I grew up watching Westerns and certain areas like the Alamo there's just so much history and I like being in desert land. I can imagine the whole band riding into Texas on horseback many years ago—even though we're in a van—because when I’m in the South I feel like I’m always looking out the window daydreaming.

Download the Grouplove EP here and catch them down at SXSW at the following places:
Tuesday March 15
Syndicate Showcase at Purevolume House, 11pm

Wednesday March 16
Live on KEXP at Mellow Johnny's Bike shop, 4pm
NME Official Showcase at Latitude 30, 12am

Thursday March 17
Floating Fest at Lovejoys, 3:45pm

Friday March 18
Nylon show at W Hotel, 7:30pm

Saturday March 19
Neon Gold/Chess Club/Plugged in showcase at Music Gym, 4:30

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