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9/06/1971 Atlantic • Atco • Cotillion Bulletin

9/06/1971 Atlantic • Atco • Cotillion Bulletin - full size photo

9/06/1971 Atlantic • Atco • Cotillion Bulletin

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12/27/1971 Atlantic • Atco • Cotillion Bulletin - thumbnail
Jerry Wexler, Nesuhi Ertegun, Bobby Darin and Ahmet Ertegun - thumbnail
7/05/1958 Atlantic Atco Ad - thumbnail
6/04/1960 Atlantic Ad  - thumbnail
3/1967 Atlantic Sales Fact Sheet - thumbnail
1961 Atlantic Long Playing Sales Fact Sheet  - thumbnail
Yes - Vintage Publicity Photo - thumbnail
Pete Townshend - Vintage Publicity Image - thumbnail

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"Mick Jagger Quoting Ahmet Ertegun: It's gonna be a great record, Mick. We're gonna put all our resources behind the record. But listen, Mick, the promotion - forget the promotion ... We'll just have a big fuckin' party and promote the shit out of the party, and that'll sell a million."

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